Five things I will do differently at Mom 2.013

Spectacular sunsets along the ocean at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel

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I am so excited to be attending Mom 2.0 Summit again this year! Epic. That’s really the only word I have to describe my previous experience. As a seasoned second-year (ha—what is this, Hogwarts?) I have compiled a list of five things I will do differently this year:

1. I will not overpack. I will bring one extra outfit per day for emergencies, not three. I was pleasantly surprised last year that it did not feel like a style competition; don’t misunderstand me, there are literally a hundred style experts in the same conference room. But not once did I feel that it was a competition. Women all around me were complimenting each other and there was no ‘mean girl’ spirit. At all. Incredible, right? It’s true.

2. I will bring comfortable shoes. Especially for the evening events. Both evenings I was on my feet milling around for practically the entire evening. I suffered.

3. I will leave room in my suitcase for ‘swag’ and presents to bring home for my kids.  I had to leave so many wonderful things behind last year because I could not fit it into my already overweight suitcase. So sad!

4. I will relax about networking. When I stepped into the hotel last year, I knew not one person. That changed immediately. I met so many people. Possibly everyone (okay, not everyone). But, the people who I have kept in touch with this past year are those that I simply enjoyed having breakfast with, sitting next to in a workshop, or chatting with on the bus ride. Truly, those connections were by far the most productive, wonderful, and real.

5. I will allow time to reflect. I am so pleased that I will be arriving early this year, and I will have some time on Sunday to sit and process all the information and ideas that will be buzzing in my head. Last year I left the hotel 5am Sunday morning. Ouch. I learned that lesson the hard way (which, let’s be honest, I do that most of the time).

Are you attending Mom 2.0 this year? Let’s get together. I’m so looking forward to it!

If you are a second-year (or third or fourth) attendee and would like to add some pointers to this modest list, feel free to do so in the comments!



9 responses to “Five things I will do differently at Mom 2.013

  1. Great post. I agree on more time to reflect. I’m going to pick a choice few panels and then focus on relationship building.

  2. I’m new! thanks for the tips… I have no idea what to expect, so this helped!

  3. Fantastic, Alexis! I learned a long time ago to stay in whatever city a day after BlogHer and come home on Sunday, and it made a ton of difference in how I recovered from and processed the conference — plus I got extra time with my best friend and roommate. Some of my best memories are post-conference. I’m happy to be doing the same thing this year, like I did last year in Key Biscayne.

    Great post! I’ll be pinning it on the Mom2 boards for sure.

  4. I must agree on the reflecting! Although I’m arriving early on Thursday so I’m going to have a little time before and after. Still leaving Sunday but not nearly as early as last year (5 a.m. also – whew!) My advice would be to get out of your shell and take risks. Introduce yourself to those who meet and make sure to keep in touch afterward. I got up the nerve to talk to a speaker last year, and now I work for her and I love my job! Wouldn’t have happened if I’d been too shy to talk to her after her panel.

  5. Awesome! Thanks, Alexis. Excited to meet you soon…

  6. Sometimes it’s intimidating going to a conference where you don’t know anyone. I know that I will not waste the experience being intimidated but rather embrace it by just doing it…taking risks, striking up conversations with complete strangers, just saying “Hi” when I walk by someone or am waiting for an elevator. If I don’t do it, I know myself…and I will regret it. So, just like I coach so many others to do…step out of my comfort zone and that’s when I’ll not only discover more about myself, but I will also enjoy my experience so much more! I’m looking forward to this and excited to meet everyone I can!

  7. Look forward to meeting you, Alexis!

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