Summer Reading

I love that parenting involves so much reading and exploring with my kids! And I’m constantly on the prowl for new, tantalizing selections that will capture my children’s fancy…because, I know that reading greatly shaped who I am and I hope to give them the very gift that I received from it! As we have been in the car several times already this summer for trips, I have relied heavily on audiobooks to entertain my children. I love them! Especially when you find a Librivox contributor that you really LOVE. It’s magic.

Through a site called I’ve found so many wonderful audiobooks, and authors that I haven’t heard of before. As a young reader I loved some very beloved, classic series: Anne of Green Gables, Eight Cousins, Cheaper By the Dozen, Nancy Drew (!), Little Women, etc.  As an adult, I am thrilled to discover so many others that my children love as well.

This is one of our new favorites: The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright. A family of four children (Mona, Rush, Randy (short for Miranda), and Oliver) has many adventures and are downright fascinating in their own right. It’s the first book in a ‘quartet’, and I recommend all of them. You can find the audiobook (free) here. (Look on the right sidebar under ‘Kayray Reads To You’)

 And The Battle for Castle Cockatrice!!!! It is so wonderful—a fantasy story with colorful imagery and lots of action (appealing to boys but still appropriate for young children, though). And the vocabulary is positively extraordinary. It will flex most adult’s verbal reading delivery. So fun! And if you’re going on a road trip soon, you can find the audiobook here. (On the RSS feed notice that it is referred to as an alternate title “The Talking Parcel/The Battle for Castle Cockatrice”)

What books are you reading this summer? Can you recommend any to me? We have recently begun Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. What titles are your favorites?


One response to “Summer Reading

  1. vjwrites

    Great picks! Reading IS magical. We’re currently reading “The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate” Set in the 1800’s Calpurnia is a spitfire girl with an acute interest in nature (love this.) Her grandfather is a Naturalist and is helping her carve out her interest in the world around her. The girls are enjoying it! You may want to look into this one when your girls are a bit older though but a great read indeed.

    Also on the list is: Wonder Struck by Brian Selznick (The Invention of Hugo Cabret) The illustrations are spectacular!


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